Auntie, Coming Soon…

If there’s one thing I can tell you that I’m super excited about is… becoming an Aunt! My sister, Alexis, is carrying my family’s first grand baby. She’s due any day now. Actually… her due date was a couple days ago  (7/17/17), but baby Kaia likes her warm and cozy apartment in my sister’s belly, so she’s taking her sweet time to make her debut. But, I’ll be patient because I have a lifetime to give that precious little girl some Auntie lovin’!

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Having this little girl come into all of our lives is HUGE. Our family has been through a lot this past year, including losing our beloved grandfather, Mitchell Krol. He was the bond that kept our family strong, so you can imagine how we all felt when he left us. The beautiful aspect of it all is the irony of one life leaving the planet and a new life entering. Whether you believe in a God or pure serendipity, I believe that the leaving and coming of new life happened for a reason. Grandpa Krol is definitely baby Kaia’s guardian angel and will be helping her through every step in life because that’s just the kind of man he was, an angel.

Speaking of angels, this angelic looking person (my sister) is hands down the cutest pregnant person I’ve ever seen! I know I’m a little bias, but she’s literally almost 10 months pregnant and still looks so good. She’s the kind of pregnant person who barely gains any weight and doesn’t look pregnant from behind. Given she’s naturally a tiny human, I wouldn’t have expected anything less. Knowing me, I’m going to blow up like a balloon and gain weight everywhere…even my finger nails. But, we’ll just have to wait and see when that day comes!

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Until then, I get to love on and give my baby niece endless snuggles because I just know how amazing it is to become an aunt. I’ve been a nanny for most of my young teenage and adulthood because I enjoy guiding children in the right direction and watching them grow as a person. Being able to shape and positively influence children is so humbling to me. I hope I can be Kaia’s greatest influence and role model in the coming years, so I’m going to strive to be the person that Kaia will need me to be. Hopefully we’ll be meeting her within the next week or two, so prayers are always needed and welcome!

Love Always,



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