Palm Springs

Living in Southern California gives you the ability to easily travel to one geographic region to another. Whether you want to take a trip to the beach, mountains, or desert; these options only take about an hour and half to get there! My best friend and I decided we wanted a change of scenery and drove out to the desert in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs is full of hidden gems that take inspiration from local artists and their laid back culture. I have seen many aesthetically pleasing photo spots all over Instagram, but never had the time to go explore myself. Seeing all these spots had sparked my interest, which is what made me take a spontaneous day-cation to this rat pack/Hollywood stars vacation spot.

The first place we stopped was the Moorten Botanical Garden and Cacterium. This was one of the coolest Gardens I’ve ever been to. You feel like you’re walking through a desert cactus jungle with giant Cacti everywhere you turn!



The next spot we visited wasn’t on our to-do list, but The Parker hotel has been a hotel I’ve been wanting to stay at for years, so I checked it out just for fun! Their moroccan inspired interior decorating was to die for and I enjoyed every second of it.



After the hotel, we decided to visit the infamous Pink Door. This door belongs to a private resident of Palm Springs, so I don’t recommend trespassing. The residents were exiting their home when we arrived, so we asked for permission to take a photo and they graciously said, “yes.” This door gives me MAJOR Barbie doll house vibes.



As we were on our way out to head back to SoCal, we spotted one last photo op and this was at The Saguaro hotel. This cute hotel was painted every color of the rainbow and was impossible for us to not stop and take some pictures!



Overall, It was an awesome day trip and I highly suggest you add these place to your bucket list when visiting Palm Springs! I’m planning on taking more day-cations in the near future, so stay tuned for my next destination. Until then… Enjoy 🙂


Love Always,


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