Random Facts About Shell

1) I sleep with a sound machine so I can sleep through the night.

2) I am the worst morning person and depend way too much on coffee to wake me up.

3) The scariest thing I’ve ever done was bungee jumping in Mexico (I cried the whole time).

4) My weekend plans usually consist of the beach, and going out with friends in Newport/Laguna.

5) I’m French(hence my last name), Italian, polish, and Spanish.

6) I work in Newport Beach as a Marketing Production Coordinator.

7) I’d describe myself as someone who has quiet confidence and loves joking around/not taking life too seriously.

8) A lot of people tell me I have R.B.F. (Resting bitch face) but I promise you I’m nice!!

9)I have a big heart but am very picky about who I give my time and attention to.

10) The beach is my safe haven.

11) I’m a tomboy in the sense that I hate doing my hair and makeup and like to hang with the boyzzz.

12) I’m originally from Northern California (Monterey) but love living in Orange County.

13) I’m done 🙂

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