Cue Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” music video because that’s basically mine and Andrew’s love story… Jk it’s far fetched from that but our love story will always be my favorite.

I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes or gagging at the thought of reading a mushy gushy story about how we met & fell in love, so if you’re a hater, then keep on scrolling. πŸ˜‰ For those of you who ARE interested then read along to get the inside scoop on how our relationship came to be!


Rewind to February 2018, I had just gotten out of a two year long distance relationship and was NOT looking for another one (obviously) and was enjoying my freedom of being single and figuring out my 23 year old life. Andrew had also just gotten out of a long term relationship and moved back home to California from Colorado, so he was focused on being home again and spending time with his family and friends.


I was on my way to my sorority sister’s birthday brunch and got there a little late so I had to sit at the end of the table where I knew no one. I’m no stranger to making friends, so I sat down across from a cute long haired boy who immediately locked in my attention. The first thing I noticed was how outgoing he was and the confidence he had when speaking to me. As the brunch continued, we got to know each other a little more and I remember thinking “man this guy is so charming…” and how he was making me nervous, which was an unusual thing for me. After brunch we all went out to the bars in Newport Beach and drank and danced the day away. He did a good job of not taking all of my attention away from me and gave me space to hang with my girlfriends while coming up and talking to me a little bit throughout the day… I think it was his way of playing a little hard to get. πŸ˜‰

By the end of the birthday celebration, he so smoothly asked for my number and the day had ended. As soon as I got that first text the next day, we never really stopped talking and eventually went on our first date. Fast forward a year and a half later, we took the leap of faith to move in together and have been loving it!It’s so crazy to think that when we both met we were not in the headspace to date anyone because of the relationships we had both just gotten out of, but sometimes it’s just right and you have to follow what your heart and gut is telling you. Since then, we haven’t looked back and I can finally say that I found my person.

Love Always, Shell

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