About me


Most “about me” sections would start out saying “My name is Rachelle Dupre and I’m a 26-year-old girl living in Southern California.” But, I’m sure you’ll really get to know me through my interests and thoughts that’ll be reflected in my blog posts! I think it’s fair enough to ask to get to know a blogger before investing time into reading their posts.

So, here we go!

As you know by now, my name is Rachelle and am currently living in California. I lived in Northern California for a couple of years but mainly consider myself a So Cal native. I’m an October baby and fulfill the zodiac sign, Libra, to the fullest extent. I finished up my last semester of college at California State University Fullerton, and obtained my B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. My original declared major was journalism because of my love for writing, but ultimately switched to P.R. because I enjoyed the idea of helping people improve their personal brand.

Why the name “Love Always, Shell?”

I’ve always romanticized the closing of a handwritten letter with “love always.” There’s something authentic and intimate with ending a letter with that type of closing; which is my aim for my readers to feel that way about my blog entries. As for the name “Shell,” well… It’s one of my many nicknames so I thought it fit just right!

If any of you want to know more about me or have any questions regarding my personal life, then don’t be afraid to reach out and ask! I’m more than happy to answer your questions!

Love Always,